Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my broadband to start?

This depends on the type of line you’re going to have and if there’s already a service there, it can take from 5 working days to a few weeks if you’re having a new line put in


How fast will my internet be?

By using our speed checker you’ll get a good idea of the speed you’ll receive with minimum speeds included in your contract summary


Can I change my broadband during my contract?

Yes, you can change it at any time, for more details get in touch and we’ll let you know how to do it


How do I pay?

We take any upfront payments from a card and then your monthly payments via Direct Debit


What happens at the end of my contract?

We’ll let you know 1 month before the end of your contract so you know your options, you can either stay with us on a rolling contract, sign up to a new deal or leave (which we hope you don’t!).


What should I do if my internet isn’t working?

Just get in touch with us via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook or on the phone and we’ll help get you back online