Who Called?

We called on you from 02081 768 993 or 07862 146313 on behalf of your letting agent regarding your move.


The call was to discuss your council tax and water supply, if we’ve not been able to get in touch please give us a call back and we’ll run you through them.


Ideally these need to be done before you move in to ensure your services remain in place, the call won’t take long and we’ll help and give advice if you need it. Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about these things too, it’s a free service we do for your agent so don’t worry about being charged!


If you’d like to send us a message you can use the form below



HU team

Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.

Why Home Unity?


Helping you to save money on your broadband

We work hard to make sure our services are fairly priced, we're not interested in charging the earth for simple things, we just give great products at fair prices.

Right connection

We make sure you have the right connection

We will give you an estimated speed before you order, if our service is not within a reasonable range, you can cancel your contact without penalty.


Switching broadband supplier is made easy

We have our own UK based call centre to make sure changing broadband supplier is easy, in most cases you won't even need to contact your current provider.


Flexible payments and short term contracts

We have deals that give you flexibility, from short term contracts, to changing your product mid term, whatever you need - we've got you covered!