Setting up parental controls on your Home Unity router  

This guide explains how to set up parental control on AMGxx and VMGxx series products. Parental Control is an easy and effective way to restrict internet access for clients within your network. In this article, we will explain how to set up parental control.



1. Access the device configuration page

2. Rule configuration

3. Rule schedule settings

4. Define Block / Allow rules


Step-by-Step Guide

1. To set up parental control, please log on to your router (default IP:; admin/1234)

Go to Security> Parental Control and choose “enable”. This activates parental control. If this option is not activated, all other settings regarding parental control will be ignored!

To create a new rule click on “Add new PCP” We will now explain the single steps that need to be done:

activate the rule (If not the rule won’t take action) and choose a fitting name:

2. Select the device(s) the rule has to work for (MAC address based).

Choose all, custom or a specific connected device and click on “+”. If you choose “All” and click add the MAC address 00:00:00:00:00:00 will be added to the rule list.

A custom MAC is set like this:

You also have to click “+” after you entered the MAC address

3. Select when the rule has to work:

You can choose between every day or you can specify the days by ticking the respective box.

You also can specify which time on the selected day the rule will take effect by sliding the timeline:

Also, it is possible to have more than one timeline by clicking on this symbol:

4. Now you can select what shall be blocked/allowed:

You can choose if you like to block or allow specific services or/and specific URLs or keywords.


If you click on “Add new service” you can choose from a few preconfigured services:

But you also can create your own services:

For more details on which ports are used from specific software/services please contact the respective support.

Now you can choose if the rule shall allow or block the service(s) you have added.#

You also can activate or deactivate specific services by ticking or unticking the left checkbox. If you like to activate/deactivate all services from this rule the tickbox after the #-sign.

To modify a service click on Modify on the right site.

Click on the bin-symbol to delete the service from the rule.


For URL/Keywords there is a limitation: HTTPS traffic cannot be blocked from the router!

To add a keyword you click on “add” and enter the keyword.

You can enter five keywords at once.

Here you also can decide if a URL/Keyword-list is allowed or blocked.

Furthermore, the order of the rules is important. 1st Network Services take action than the keywords. So, if you, for example, block all HTTP/HTTPS traffic but allow the connection is still blocked! Also, If you block a specific service/keyword in rule #1 and allow the same service/keyword in rule #2 the traffic will not be allowed!

To finalize the rule click on “Apply”


Congratulations, you have successfully created a new rule in parental control.

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