Our Story

Glo Superfoods

was created with one simple goal: helping people include as many nutritious foods as possible in their diets without the fuss.

We understand that for many people, committing to a massive dietary change can lead to them falling off the wagon and beating themselves up. We believe in the ‘a little and often’ approach to wellness. A daily spoonful of our blends into your smoothie, water, or food can help you stay healthy and happy.

In a world where bigger often means better, Glo Superfoods stands for ‘smaller means smarter’, using only 100% organic ingredients and no hidden extras. We’re proud that our pure, plant-based blends are convenient, compact, and crammed with only the good stuff.

No nasties, no fuss, no problem.

Our Founder

Meet Danielle

For Glo Superfoods founder, Danielle, our blends are more than just a business, they’re a passion project. With three children and a busy home life, Danielle began to notice her energy levels were dipping, despite having a healthy and active lifestyle.

Taking inspiration from her Lancashire farm life, Danielle began to look at which foods she would need to incorporate into her diet to boost her overall well-being. Turns out, there are a lot!

The seemingly impossible task of including over 30 superfoods into her diet sparked her light bulb moment. What if there’s a way to blend these ingredients and add them to her diet simply and effortlessly?

With a background in nutrition and exercise science, Danielle started creating nutritious blends packed with superfoods to support her energy levels, immunity, and digestion.

And that’s how Glo Superfoods was born!

Danielle Paterson

Our Mission

Our mission at Glo Superfoods is to build happier minds, bodies, and souls one spoonful at a time. We aim to bring you nutritional, functional blends to encourage wellness and make it easier to get more out of your health.

Our goal is to make health simpler and more accessible while helping you make meaningful decisions to feel your very best.

All it takes is a spoonful.

Our promise

A big part of the Glo Superfoods ethos is supporting the environment. After all, we gather organic, nutritious ingredients to make our products, so it’s only natural that we give back!

We want to ensure the environment stays as healthy as you, which is why we proudly and exclusively source organic ingredients, supporting British farmers wherever possible.

Not only do organic ingredients have a reduced environmental impact, but they positively benefit the rich flavours and dense nutritional content in every spoonful.

We use only recyclable plastic for our packaging – see more details here – which is the most eco-friendly option available to a small business like us.

But we believe that it’s the little ideas that make the big difference. That’s why we aim to become a B Corp registered business and will continue to make impactful changes to our environmental policy as we grow.