OFNL router setup guide

Find your OFNL modem (ONT)

Your home should already have an OFNL modem installed, often found in hallways
or under the stairs. Make sure the existing power cable is plugged into power port
on the modem, plugged into an electrical socket and switched on.
If you have an engineer appointment booked, the engineer should do this for you.

OFNL Router

Connect your router to the
OFNL modem

Take the red cable and plug one end into the
WAN port on the back of your router (That’s the
blue port) and then connect the other end into
the LAN port on the OFNL modem.

ofnl router setup

Power up and get ready
to be connected!

Connect the power cable to the power port on
your router, then plug the other end into an
electrical socket and switch it on.
Press the power button on the router and the
lights will go green. If the 2.4G and 5G lights
on the router don’t go green, press the WIFI
ON/OFF button on the back of your router.

ofnl router power

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