Standard BT socket router setup guide

Find your master telephone socket

The master phone socket in your home is different from a regular phone socket. You’ll notice that it’s usually larger in size and has a distinctive
horizontal line in the middle. It’s also often labeled with the name “Openreach or BT”. Please check your home for the master socket as this is the
socket you should use to connect your router. Now, let’s talk about the two types of main phone sockets below:

Standard master socket

Connect the filter to the telephone socket. Then, take
the grey cable and plug one end into the square port
on the filter and the other end into the DSL port on
your router.

Bt box

Double master socket

If you have one of these sockets (if you have both
types of sockets, you should always use this Double
master socket), connect one end of the grey cable to
the square port in the telephone socket and the other
end to the port labelled DSL on your router.

Bt double socket

Power up and get ready
to be connected!

Connect the power cable to the power port on
your router, then plug the other end into an
electrical socket and switch it on.
Press the power button on the router and the
lights will go green. If the 2.4G and 5G lights
on the router don’t go green, press the WIFI
ON/OFF button on the back of your router.

Power Cable

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